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HPLC Instrumentation

Scientific Systems - UPLC & HPLC Pumps
Softa - Evaporative Light Scattering (Universal) Detectors
Eicom - Ultra High Sensitivity Electro Chemical Systems, Components
SolventTrak - Save Solvent by Recycling

HPLC Columns

Shodex Columns
BioAdvantage Columns
Guards & Holders
TLCAdvantage Columns

Fittings, Syringes, Connectors, Valves

Omnifit Glass Columns, Fittings, Connectors
Syringe Filters, Sample Preparation
Upchurch Fittings, Tubing, Adaptors
Hamilton Syringes, Valves
Rheodyne, Injectors & Valves

Other Instruments

Vaplock Solvent/Vapor Containment
SolventTrak - Save Solvent by Recycling
Organomation Analytical Evaporators

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