OMNIFIT® EZGlass Columns

Introducing EZ Precision Glass Columns
Benchmark and Solventplus

Omnifit, widely recognized for its superior glass chromatography columns, has made them even better.

Omnifit's NEW EZ Columns employ a threaded PEEK end sleeve that won't chip or break while allowing the plunger and end piece freer movement and easier insertion than before.

EZ Columns still offer a wide range of sizes, fixed or adjustable end fittings in any combination, and columns for use with organic solvents.

New EZ Columns will replace all of our traditional columns except for 3mm ID µBore columns which cannot be fitted with the PEEK end sleeve and HIT High Temperature (above ambient to 150° C) columns which have been discontinued.

Use our Search feature for the column configuration best suited for your separation needs.

Additional information is always available. Prices are subject to change without notice.

µBore (3mm ID) columns are not available with the new PEEK end sleeve. They are included in the searchable list.

Hit (high temperature) columns are no longer available.

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