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Shodex™ Protein GFC Columns

Comparing Shodex and TSK GFC Columns

The Shodex KW-800 GFC series are excellent for separating proteins. They are characterized by high efficiency and good recoveries.
The experimental conditions below were used to compare the Shodex GFC column series with their TSK equivalents.

TSK Calibration
  Temperature:   Ambient
  Flow Rate:   1.0 ml/min
  Eluent:   50mM Na3PO4, 0.3M NaCl, pH 7.0
  1. Thyroglobulin (MW:669,000)
  2. Aldolase (MW:158,000)
  3. Bovine Serum Albumin (MW:67,000)
  4. Ovalbumin (MW:43,000)
  5. Peroxidase (MW:40,200)
  6. Adenylate Kinase (MW:32,000)
  7. Myoglobin (MW:17,000)
  8. Ribonuclease A (MW:13,700)
  9. Aprotinin (MW:6,500)
10. Vitamin B1, (MW:1,350
Experimental Conditions

Shodex Calibration

PROTEIN KW-802.5 vs. TSKgel G2000SWxl

Shodex KW-802.5

TSK G200SWxl

PROTEIN KW-803 vs. TSKgel G3000SWxl

Shodex KW-803

TSK G300SWxl

PROTEIN KW-804 vs. TSKgel G4000SWxl

Shodex KW-804

TSK G400SWxl

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