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Organic Acids in Beer

Organic acids in beer are analyzed with 4.8 mM perchloric acid as an eluent using RSpak KC-811. When four KC-811 columns are connected in line, phosphoric acid, citric acid and pyruvic acid can be separated from each other completely.
Please refer to the right figure.

Sample : Beer, 100micro-L
1. Phosphoric acid etc., 2. Citric acid, 3. Pyruvic acid, 4. Gluconic acid, 5. Malic acid
6. Succinic acid, 7. Lactic acid, 8. Fumaric acid, 9. Acetic acid, 10. Pyroglutamic acid, 11. Carbonic acid

Columns      : Shodex RSpak KC-LG (8.0mmID*50mm) + KC-811 (8.0mmID*300mm) x 2
Eluent       : 4.8mM HClO4 aq.
Reagent      : 10-fold diluted ST3-R (for post-column method)
Flow rate    : (Eluent); 1.0mL/min, (Reagent); 1.1mL/min 
Detector     : VIS(430nm)
Column temp. : 63deg-C