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Organic Acids in White Wine

Organic acids in white wine were analyzed using RSpak KC-811. Fruit contains a large amount of malic acid. For wine, malic acid is transformed to lactic acid by enzymes during malolactic fermentation. The result of this transformation is said to give wine a mild taste. For high quality white wine, the chromatogram shows almost all the malic acid has been transformed to lactic acid.

Sample : Wine
1. Citric acid
2. Tartaric acid
3. Malic acid
4. Succinic acid
5. Lactic acid
6. Fumaric acid
7. Acetic acid
8. Pyroglutamic acid

Columns      : Shodex RSpak KC-LG (8.0mmID*50mm) + KC-811 (8.0mmID*300mm) x 2
Eluent       : 3mM HClO4 aq.
Reagent      : 10-fold diluted ST3-R (for post-column method)
Flow rate    : (Eluent); 1.0mL/min, (Reagent); 0.7mL/min
Detector     : VIS(430nm)
Column temp. : 45deg-C