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Organic Acid Standards (4) (DE-413)

When water or 100% buffer is used as the eluent, the column life of ODS columns is usually shorten. Since the packing material of RSpak DE-413 is chemically stable, long column life and stable analysis results can be obtained even when Water or 100% buffer was used as the eluent.

Sample : 5micro-L
1. Glyoxylic acid, 1.78mg/mL
2. Tartaric acid, 1.95mg/mL
3. Malic acid, 2.06mg/mL
4. Lactic acid, 2micro-L/mL
5. Malonic acid, 1.95mg/mL
6. Acetic acid, 2micro-L/mL
7. Succinic acid, 2.05mg/mL
8. Levulinic acid, 1.95mg/mL
9. Propionic acid, 2micro-L/mL

Column       : Shodex RSpak DE-413 (4.6mmID*150mm)
Eluent       : 10mM H3PO4 aq.
Flow rate    : 1.0mL/min
Detector     : Shodex RI
Column temp. : 50deg-C