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Anions in Beer

The eluent used here is suitable for the simultaneous analysis of inorganic anions and dibasic and tribasic organic acids using IC I-524A. Organic acids are contained in beer and they interfere with the quantification of anions. Cl-, NO3- and SO42- can be separated without such interference of organic acids. Organic acids, oxalic acid and citric acid also can be analyzed without interference.

Sample : 10-fold diluted Beer, 100micro-L
1. Acetic acid
2. H2PO4-, Succinic acid, Pyroglutamic acid
3. Lactic acid, Pyruvic acid
4. Cl-
5. Malic acid, Br-
6. NO3-
7. Oxalic acid
8. Citric acid
9. SO42-

Column       : Shodex IC I-524A (4.6mmID*100mm)
Eluent       : 1.5mM Phthalic acid + 1.38mM Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane + 300mM Boric acid aq.
Flow rate    : 1.2mL/min
Detector     : Non-suppressed coductivity
Column temp. : 40deg-C