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SofTA ELS Detectors

Unsurpassed Sensitivity and Ease of Use

SofTA Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of ultra high sensitivity Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors. One of their attractively priced models may be perfect for your laboratory whether it is a high throughput, advanced research, quality control or an educational lab. Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll get the most advanced and easiest to use ELS Detector.

Stacks Up to the Task

High Throughput and Software Controlled. These NEW Models are the first Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors designed for use with Rapid Resolution and Ultra Performance LC Systems. They maintain the peak widths obtained with these systems.

These are the fastest ELS detectors yet, with the narrowest peaks of any ELS Detector, peak widths less then 1 second. The narrow peak widths provide for the extremely high sample throughput required in today’s laboratories.

Narrow peaks also result in improved signal to noise making this series of detectors about twice as sensitive then our other models.

SofTA fits in the Stack

They have been designed with physical dimensions to fit with almost all manufactures’ LC systems including Agilent 1100 and 1200, Perkin Elmer Series 200 and 275, Hitachi LaChromUltra, Jasco XL-C, Thermo Accela, and Shimadzu Prominence.

The ELS Detector is placed in the instrument stack to conserve bench space and reduce the tubing length between the autosampler, or UV, and the ELS Detector. Communication between the ELS detector and system software, either ChemStation or DataApex Clarity, is achieved via an exclusive SofTA driver. An analog output is provided for use with other system software

Feature Rich Detectors for Every Laboratory

SofTA Family of ELS Detectors

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