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Ethidium Bromide Safe Capture/Disposal

Solid Phase Isolation of EtBr

Ethidium bromide is widely found in molecular biology laboratories and is very useful in making DNA fluoresce when running gels. It is possibly the best agent with which to visulize DNA gels. However, it is suspected of being a human mutagen. So it is used with great caution.

Thomson Instruments can now offer a special and specific product to safely capture excess EtBr from developed gels so the waste can be handled safely and easily. Gravity fed, our solid state cartridge processes 3-5 liters with EtBr concentrations of

EtBr Cartridge
EtBr Cartridge

0.5g/ml and reduces the effluent concentration to a mimimum detectable limit of 0.025g/ml.

Spent fluid flows freely through the cartridge and flow can be started with suction from a syringe on the outlet or by gravity from a separatory funnel.

As the EtBr flows over the cartridge, a reddish color develops and the color front will advance until all the EtBr has been trapped. That point is visual confirmation the cartridge can be disconnected and disposed of properly with your solid waste

Ordering Information

EtBr-5 Ethidium Bromide Cartridge, PP, Pk/5 $120
EtBr Ethidium Bromide Cartridge, PP, Pk/1 30

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