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HPLC Instrumentation

ValcoDBS - Hydrogen & Nitrogen Generators
Scientific Systems - UPLC & HPLC Pumps
Eicom - Ultra High Sensitivity Electro Chemical Systems, Components
SolventTrak - Save Solvent by Recycling

HPLC Columns

Shodex Columns
BioAdvantage Columns
Guards & Holders
TLCAdvantage Columns

Fittings, Syringes, Connectors, Valves

Biomiga kits for Purifying DNA’s, RNA’s, PCR products
Syringe Filters, Sample Preparation
Omnifit Glass Columns, Fittings, Connectors
Upchurch Fittings, Tubing, Adaptors
Hamilton Syringes, Valves
Rheodyne, Injectors & Valves

Other Instruments

Vaplock Waste Solvent/Vapor Containment
SolventTrak - Save Solvent by Recycling
Organomation Analytical Evaporators

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