Sulfite in Wine (2) (SI-90 4E)

Please use this column with suppressor type ion chromatography system.

Sulfite salts are widely used as a preservative for foods such as wine. Since the content of sulfite decreases with time, it is necessary to watch the content continuosly. For this purpose, suppresed ion chromatopraphy using IC SI-90 4E can be applied. Sulfite can be analyzed without the interference from organic acids contained in a large quantity in the foods, because monovalent organic acids elute mostly between F- and Cl- and divalent acids elute in the vicinity of SO42-.

Sample : Anion standards, 20mico-L
1. F- 2mg/L
2. Cl- 3mg/L
3. NO2- 5mg/L
4. Br- 10mg/L
5. NO3- 10mg/L
6. SO32- 20mg/L
7. HPO42- 15mg/L
8. SO42- 10mg/L

Sample : 20-fold diluted Red Wine, 20micro-L
2. Cl-
5. NO3-
6. SO32-
7. HPO42-
8. SO42-

Column       : Shodex IC SI-90 4E (4.0mmID*250mm)
Eluent       : 1mM Na2CO3 + 4mM NaHCO3 + 5% Acetone
Flow rate    : 1.5mL/min
Detector     : Suppressed conductivity
Column temp. : 25deg-C