Mineral Water (3) (by Post-column Method)

Oxyhalides in mineral water were analyzed with IC SI-91 4C according to Guideline 101, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan.

Sample : 200micro-L
Mineral water (Water), BrO3- standard

Column    : Shodex IC SI-91 4C (4.0mmID*100mm)
Eluent    : 1.8mM Na2CO3 + 1.7mM NaHCO3 aq.
Reagent A : 1.5M KBr + 1.0M H2SO4 aq.
Reagent B : 1.2mM NaNO2 aq.
Flow rate : (Eluent); 1.0mL/min
            (Reagent A); 0.4mL/min
            (Reagent B); 0.2mL/min			   
Detector  : UV(268nm)