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VICIDBS Gas Generators

Unsurpassed Performance - Low Maintenance

Valco Instruments, long a leader in specialty valves and fittings for GC and LC, has recently purchased the Swiss firm DBS which manufactures high end gas generators that are sold widely in Europe.

In addition to being compact, these units are amazingly priced to provide impressive value to your laboratory. Use of the highest quality components lowers maintenance costs below other units.

The proprietary electrolytic cell, quality components and a unique hydrogen drying solution combine to give superior performance. These units, when Cascaded (installed in parallel), function as one guaranteeing uninterrupted flow of gas even if one unit fails.

Fuel or Fuel+Carrier Gas

PG Plus Fuel gas-100 to 600ml/min
• Purity 99.9996%
• Pressure 11 bar (160psig)
• Minimal maintenance
• Unique drying membrane eliminates
 desiccant cartridges
• 100% titanium electrolytic cell
• 2 year standard warranty

NM Plus Fuel+Carrier gas-100 to 1350ml/min
• Purity 99.99996%
• Pressure 11 bar (160psig)
• No maintenance
• Unique drying membrane eliminates desiccant cartridges
• 100% Ti electrolytic cell
• 2 year standard warranty

Nitrogen Generators

The Mistral Evolution and Whisper nitrogen generators have been specifically designed to meet the flow, pressure and purity requirements of all the leading LC/MS instrument manufacturers. Nitrogen is produced by either carbon molecular sieve (CMS) or hollow fiber membrane technology, depending on the exact user requirements. Generators are also available with integral compressors, providing a complete ”plug and play“ solution.

N2 or N2+Dry Air
0.5-40L/min, 98-99.999% N2

MISTRAL Evolution & WHISPER Models
• Flow rates from 10 to 120 lpm, 98-99.5% N2
• LC/MS grade hydrocarbon free nitrogen
• Pressure up to 8 bar (116 psig)
• Oil free, low noise compressor options
• Special hybrid dry air and nitrogen options -
• For Agilent Microwave Plasma and Sciex

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