THOMSON Syringe Filters

Syringe Filters Protect Instrumentation & Minimize Sample Loss

Thomson offers a comprehensive range of non-sterile disposable syringe filters for reliable sample preparation. Automated manufacturing processes insure membrane quality so particulates are removed from every sample, extending analytical column lifetime and minimizing injection valve damage.

Thomson Syringe Filters have standard Luer-lok/Luer connections and are either 0.22 or 0.45μm porosities in 4, 13, 25 and 30mm diameters. They are available in a wide selection of membranes, including Nylon, PTFE and PVDF, supporting all common sample preparation applications.

A retaining ring seals the polypropylene housing, preventing leaks and sample loss. All Filters are color coded, for easy identification to insure the correct filter is selected for each sample.

Thomson Syringe Filters are supplied in re-sealable containers allowing easy storage and preventing contamination during multiple opening/closing. For particulate laden samples, filters are also available with an integral depth filter.

Syringe Filters

Nylon, NY

  • Hydrophilic surface, good solvent resistance and medium protein binding
  • Filtration of all aqueous samples and most organic solvents
  • Strong mechanical stability
  • Excellent chemical compatibility (esters, bases, phenol and alcohols)

Polyethersulfone, PES

  • Naturally hydrophilic and low protein binding
  • Ideal for aqueous based samples
  • Fast flow rate and high throughput
  • General filtration of biological samples

Polypropylene, PP

  • Hydrophobic with high solvent resistance
  • Lower protein binding
  • General filtration of biological samples, solvents, deionized water and reducing biological load
  • Filtration of all aqueous and most solvent based samples

Hydrophilic Polypropylene, PPH

  • Hydrophilic with high solvent resistance
  • Lower protein binding
  • General filtration of biological samples, solvents, deionized water and reducing biological load
  • Filtration of all aqueous and most solvent based samples


  • Highest solvent resistance and high protein binding
  • Filtration of non-aqueous or solvent based samples
  • Condition with methanol or ethanol prior to aqueous samples filtration
  • Extremely broad chemical and thermal compatibility
  • Recommended for strong acids and bases

Hydrophilic PTFE, PTH

  • Low protein binding
  • Particulate removal from aqueous and organic solutions
  • High flow rates with minimal aqueous extractables
  • Wide range of working temperature
  • Recommended for filtering HPLC samples and mobile phases
  • Compatible with organic solvents and strong alkaline solutions

Polyvinylidene flouride, PV

  • Broad chemical compatibility and low UV absorbing extractables
  • Highly resistant to most solvents and low protein binding
  • General filtration of biological samples
  • Filtration of all aqueous and most solvent based samples
  • Filtration of proteins and tissue cultures

Hydrophilic Polyvinylidene flouride, PVH

  • Inherent water wettability extremely low protein & preservative binding
  • Compatible with a wide range of solvents, extremely low extractables
  • Filtration of antibiotics, vaccines, diagnostics, serum, tissue, culture media and media additives
  • Clarifiy/purify deionized water, aqueous solvents, acids, bases, plating solutions

Cellulose Acetate, CA

  • Naturally hydrophilic with uniform pore size
  • Low protein binding, suitable for aqueous protein solutions
  • Nitrate free, use for ground water filtration

Mixed Cellulose Esters, MC

  • Improved hydrophilicity, very low protein binding
  • Improved aqueous sample flow and molecular weight cut off
  • Ideal for aqueous samples, tissue culture and sensitive biologicals

Regenrated Cellulose, RC

  • Hydrophilic, easily wettable
  • Resistant to most solvents and aqueous solutions (pH range 3-12)
  • Low non-specific adsorption
  • Particle removal from solvents, HPLC Mobile phase filtration

Glass Fiber, GF

  • Borosilicate glass fiber, broad chemical compatibility
  • High throughput pre-filtration of viscous, particulate laden samples
  • Use alone or in series with another Thomson Syringe Filter
  • Removes particles that interfere with UV/VIS analysis

Search Criteria

Part NumberDescriptionChemistryDiameter, mmPorosity, µmPack SizePrice
CA-0402-010SYRG FLTR CA 4MM .22µm 100PKCA 4mm0.22µmPk/100120.00
CA-1302-010SYRG FLTR CA 13MM .22µm 100PKCA13mm0.22µmPk/100111.00
CA-1304-010SYRG FLTR CA 13MM .45µm 100PKCA13mm0.45µmPk/100111.00
CA-2502-010SYRG FLTR CA 25MM .22µm 100PKCA25mm0.22µmPk/100145.00
CA-0402-050SYRG FLTR CA 25MM .22µm 500PKCA25mm0.22µmPk/5001,370.00
CA-2504-010SYRG FLTR CA 25MM .45µm 100PKCA25mm0.45µmPk/100145.00
CA-2504-050SYRG FLTR CA 25MM .45µm 500PKCA25mm0.45µmPk/500592.00
CA-3002-010SYRG FLTR CA 30MM .22µm 100PKCA30mm0.22µmPk/100284.00
CA-3002-050SYRG FLTR CA 30MM .22µm 500PKCA30mm0.22µmPk/5001,346.00
CA-3004-010SYRG FLTR CA 30MM .45µm 100PKCA30mm0.45µmPk/100284.00
CA-3004-050SYRG FLTR CA 30MM .45µm 500PKCA30mm0.45µmPk/5001,346.00
GF-1302-100SYRG FLTR GF 13MM .22µm 1K/PKGF13mm0.22µmPk/1000950.00
GF-1304-100SYRG FLTR GF 13MM .45µm 1K/PKGF13mm0.45µmPk/1000875.00
GF-1307-010SYRG FLTR GF 13MM .7µm 100PKGF13mm0.70µmPk/100118.00
GF-1310-010SYRG FLTR GF 13MM 1µm 100PKGF13mm100µmPk/100118.00
GF-1310-100SYRG FLTR GF 13MM 1µm 1K/PKGF13mm100µmPk/1000896.00
GF-1330-010SYRG FLTR GF 13MM 3µm 100PKGF13mm300µmPk/100111.00
GF-1307-050SYRG FLTR GF 13MM 5µm 100PKGF13mm500µmPk/100118.00
GF-2507-010SYRG FLTR GF 25MM .7µm 100PKGF25mm0.70µmPk/100219.00
GF-2507-050SYRG FLTR GF 25MM .7µm 500PKGF25mm0.70µmPk/5001,065.00
GF-2510-010SYRG FLTR GF 25MM 1µm 100PKGF25mm100µmPk/100128.00
GF-2510-050SYRG FLTR GF 25MM 1µm 500PKGF25mm100µmPk/500532.00
GF-2530-010SYRG FLTR GF 25MM 3µm 100PKGF25mm300µmPk/100178.00
GF-3002-050SYRG FLTR GF 30MM .22µm 500PKGF30mm0.22µmPk/500568.00
GF-3004-050SYRG FLTR GF 30MM .45µm 500PKGF30mm0.45µmPk/500587.00
GF-3007-010SYRG FLTR GF 30MM .7µm 100PKGF30mm0.70µmPk/100240.00
GF-3010-010SYRG FLTR GF 30MM 1µm 100PKGF30mm100µmPk/100128.00
GF-3010-050SYRG FLTR GF 30MM 1µm 500PKGF30mm100µmPk/500532.00
GF-3030-010SYRG FLTR GF 30MM 3µm 100PKGF30mm300µmPk/100294.00
MC-0402-010SYRG FLTR MC 4MM .22µm 100PKMC4mm0.22µmPk/100122.00
MC-0402-100SYRG FLTR MC 4MM .22µm 1K/PKMC4mm0.22µmPk/1000952.00
MC-0404-010SYRG FLTR MC 4MM .45µm 100PKMC4mm0.45µmPk/100122.00
MC-0404-100SYRG FLTR MC 4MM .45µm 1K/PKMC4mm0.45µmPk/1000952.00
MC-1302-010SYRG FLTR MC 13MM .22µm 100PKMC13mm0.22µmPk/100113.00
MC-1302-100SYRG FLTR MC 13MM .22µm 1K/PKMC13mm0.22µmPk/1000896.00
MC-1304-010SYRG FLTR MC 13MM .45µm 100PKMC13mm0.45µmPk/100113.00
MC-1304-100SYRG FLTR MC 13MM .45µm 1K/PKMC13mm0.45µmPk/1000896.00
MC-2502-010SYRG FLTR MC 25MM .22µm 100PKMC25mm0.22µmPk/100123.00
MC-2502-050SYRG FLTR MC 25MM .22µm 500PKMC25mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
MC-2504-010SYRG FLTR MC 25MM .45µm 100PKMC25mm0.45µmPk/100123.00
MC-2504-050SYRG FLTR MC 25MM .45µm 500PKMC25mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
MC-2508-010SYRG FLTR MC 25MM .8µm 100PKMC25mm0.80µmPk/100233.00
MC-3002-010SYRG FLTR MC 30MM .22µm 100PKMC30mm0.22µmPk/100123.00
MC-3002-050SYRG FLTR MC 30MM .22µm 500PKMC30mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
MC-3004-010SYRG FLTR MC 30MM .45µm 100PKMC30mm0.45µmPk/100123.00
MC-3004-050SYRG FLTR MC 30MM .45µm 500PKMC30mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
NY-0402-010SYRG FLTR NY 4MM .22µm 100PKNY4mm0.22µmPk/100122.00
NY-0402-100SYRG FLTR NY 4MM .22µm 1K/PKNY4mm0.22µmPk/1000952.00
NY-0404-010SYRG FLTR NY 4MM .45µm 100PKNY4mm0.45µmPk/100122.00
NY-0404-100SYRG FLTR NY 4MM .45µm 1K/PKNY4mm0.45µmPk/1000952.00
NY-1302-010SYRG FLTR NY 13MM .22µm 100PKNY13mm0.22µmPk/100113.00
NY-1302-100SYRG FLTR NY 13MM .22µm 1K/PKNY13mm0.22µmPk/1000896.00
NYP-1302-010SYRG FLTR PF NY 13MM .22µm 100PKNY13mm0.22µmPk/100165.00
NY-1304-010SYRG FLTR NY 13MM .45µm 100PKNY13mm0.45µmPk/100113.00
NY-1304-100SYRG FLTR NY 13MM .45µm 1K/PKNY13mm0.45µmPk/1000896.00
NY-1350-010SYRG FLTR NY 13MM 5µm 100PKNY13mm500µmPk/100111.00
NY-2502-010SYRG FLTR NY 25MM .22µm 100PKNY25mm0.22µmPk/100123.00
NY-2502-050SYRG FLTR NY 25MM .22µm 500PKNY25mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
NYP-2502-010SYRG FLTR PF NY 25MM .22µm 100PKNY25mm0.22µmPk/100174.00
NY-2504-010SYRG FLTR NY 25MM .45µm 100PKNY25mm0.45µmPk/100123.00
NY-2504-050SYRG FLTR NY 25MM .45µm 500PKNY25mm0.45µmPk/500567.00
NYP-2504-010SYRG FLTR PF NY 25MM .45µm 100PKNY25mm0.45µmPk/100174.00
NY-2510-010SYRG FLTR NY 25MM 1µm 100PKNY25mm1µmPk/100123.00
NY-251X-010SYRG FLTR NY 25MM 10µm 100PKNY25mm10µmPk/100127.00
NY-2550-010SYRG FLTR NY 25MM 5µm 100PKNY25mm5µmPk/100125.00
NY-2550-050SYRG FLTR NY 25MM 5µm 500PKNY25mm5µmPk/500567.00
NY-3002-010SYRG FLTR NY 30MM .22µm 100PKNY30mm0.22µmPk/100123.00
NY-3002-050SYRG FLTR NY 30MM .22µm 500PKNY30mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
NYP-3002-010SYRG FLTR PF NY 30MM .22µm 100PKNY30mm0.22µmPk/100174.00
NY-3004-010SYRG FLTR NY 30MM .45µm 100PKNY30mm0.45µmPk/100123.00
NY-3004-050SYRG FLTR NY 30MM .45µm 500PKNY30mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
NYP-3004-010SYRG FLTR PF NY 30MM .45µm 100PKNY30mm0.45µmPk/100174.00
NY-3050-010SYRG FLTR NY 30MM 5µm 100PKNY30mm500µmPk/100155.00
PES-0402-010SYRG FLTR PES 4MM .22µm 100PKPES4mm0.22µmPk/100127.00
PES-0402-100SYRG FLTR PES 4MM .22µm 1K/PKPES4mm0.22µmPk/1000952.00
PES-0404-010SYRG FLTR PES 4MM .45µm 100PKPES4mm0.45µmPk/100122.00
PES-0404-100SYRG FLTR PES 4MM .45µm 1K/PKPES4mm0.45µmPk/1000952.00
PES-1302-010SYRG FLTR PES 13MM .22µm 100PKPES13mm0.22µmPk/100118.00
PES-1302-100SYRG FLTR PES 13MM .22µm 1K/PKPES13mm0.22µmPk/1000896.00
PES-1304-010SYRG FLTR PES 13MM .45µm 100PKPES13mm0.45µmPk/100114.00
PES-1304-100SYRG FLTR PES 13MM .45µm 1K/PKPES13mm0.45µmPk/1000896.00
PES-2502-010SYRG FLTR PES 25MM .22µm 100PKPES25mm0.22µmPk/100123.00
PES-2502-050SYRG FLTR PES 25MM .22µm 500PKPES25mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
PES-2504-010SYRG FLTR PES 25MM .45µm 100PKPES25mm0.45µmPk/100123.00
PES-2504-050SYRG FLTR PES 25MM .45µm 500PKPES25mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
PES-3002-010SYRG FLTR PES 30MM .22µm 100PKPES30mm0.22µmPk/100122.00
PES-3002-050SYRG FLTR PES 30MM .22µm 500PKPES30mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
PES-3004-010SYRG FLTR PES 30MM .45µm 100PKPES30mm0.45µmPk/100122.00
PES-3004-050SYRG FLTR PES 30MM .45µm 500PKPES30mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
PET-2504-010SYRG FLTR PET 25MM .45µm 100PKPET25mm0.45µmPk/100123.00
PET-2504-050SYRG FLTR PET 25MM .45µm 500PKPET25mm0.45µmPk/500534.00
PP-0402-010SYRG FLTR PP 4MM .22µm 100PKPP4mm0.22µmPk/100122.00
PP-0402-100SYRG FLTR PP 4MM .22µm 1K/PKPP4mm0.22µmPk/1000952.00
PP-0404-010SYRG FLTR PP 4MM .45µm 100PKPP4mm0.45µmPk/100122.00
PP-0404-100SYRG FLTR PP 4MM .45µm 1K/PKPP4mm0.45µmPk/1000952.00
PP-1302-010SYRG FLTR PP 13MM .22µm 100PKPP13mm0.22µmPk/100114.00
PP-1302-100SYRG FLTR PP 13MM .22µm 1K/PKPP13mm0.22µmPk/1000896.00
PP-1304-010SYRG FLTR PP 13MM .45µm 100PKPP13mm0.45µmPk/100114.00
PP-1304-100SYRG FLTR PP 13MM .45µm 1K/PKPP13mm0.45µmPk/1000896.00
PP-2502-010SYRG FLTR PP 25MM .22µm 100PKPP25mm0.22µmPk/100123.00
PP-2502-050SYRG FLTR PP 25MM .22µm 500PKPP25mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
PP-2504-010SYRG FLTR PP 25MM .45µm 100PKPP25mm0.45µmPk/100123.00
PP-2504-050SYRG FLTR PP 25MM .45µm 500PKPP25mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
PP-3002-010SYRG FLTR PP 30MM .22µm 100PKPP30mm0.22µmPk/100123.00
PP-3002-050SYRG FLTR PP 30MM .22µm 500PKPP30mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
PPP-3002-010SYRG FLTR PF PP 30MM .22µm 100PKPP30mm0.22µm185.00
PP-3004-010SYRG FLTR PP 30MM .45µm 100PKPP30mm0.45µmPk/100123.00
PP-3004-050SYRG FLTR PP 30MM .45µm 500PKPP30mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
PPH-1302-010SYRG FLTR HPP 13MM .22µm 100PKPPH13mm0.22µmPk/100110.00
PPH-1304-010SYRG FLTR HPP 13MM .45µm 100PKPPH13mm0.45µmPk/100110.00
PPH-2502-010SYRG FLTR HPP 25MM .22µm 100PKPPH25mm0.22µmPk/100120.00
PPH-2504-010SYRG FLTR HPP 25MM .45µm 100PKPPH25mm0.45µmPk/100120.00
PPH-3002-010SYRG FLTR HPP 30MM .22µm 100PKPPH30mm0.22µmPk/100121.00
PT-0402-010SYRG FLTR PTFE 4MM .22µm 100PKPT4mm0.22µmPk/100122.00
PT-0402-100SYRG FLTR PTFE 4MM .22µm 1000PKPT4mm0.22µmPk/1000952.00
PT-0404-010SYRG FLTR PTFE 4MM .45µm 100PKPT4mm0.45µmPk/100122.00
PT-0404-100SYRG FLTR PTFE 4MM .45µm 1000PKPT4mm0.45µmPk/1000952.00
PT-1302-010SYRG FLTR PTF 13MM .22µm 100PKPT13mm0.22µmPk/100113.00
PT-1302-100SYRG FLTR PTF 13MM .22µm 1000PKPT13mm0.22µmPk/1000896.00
PT-1304-010SYRG FLTR PTF 13MM .45µm 100PKPT13mm0.45µmPk/100113.00
PT-1304-100SYRG FLTR PTF 13MM .45µm 1000PKPT13mm0.45µmPk/1000896.00
PT-2502-010SYRG FLTR PTF 25MM .22µm 100PKPT25mm0.22µmPk/100122.00
PT-2502-050SYRG FLTR PTFE 25MM .22µm 500PKPT25mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
PTP-2502-010SYRG FLTR PRE PF 25MM .22µm 100PKPT25mm0.22µmPk/100174.00
PT-2504-010SYRG FLTR PTF 25MM .45µm 100PKPT25mm0.45µmPk/100127.00
PT-2504-050SYRG FLTR PTFE 25MM .45µm 500PKPT25mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
PTP-2504-010SYRG FLTR PRE PF 25MM .45µm 100PKPT25mm0.45µmPk/100174.00
PT-2510-050SYRG FLTR PTFE 25MM 1µm 500PKPT25mm100µmPk/5001,026.00
PT-2550-010SYRG FLTR PTFE 25MM 5µm 100PKPT25mm500µmPk/100140.00
PT-3002-010SYRG FLTR PTF 30MM .22µm 100PKPT30mm0.22µmPk/100122.00
PT-3002-050SYRG FLTR PTFE 30MM .22µm 500PKPT30mm0.22µmPk/500551.00
PT-3004-010SYRG FLTR PTF 30MM .45µm 100PKPT30mm0.45µmPk/100127.00
PT-3004-050SYRG FLTR PTFE 30MM .45µm 500PKPT30mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
PTP-3004-010SYRG FLTR PRE PF 30MM .45µm 100PKPT30mm0.45µmPk/100175.00
PTH-1302-010SYRG FLTR HPTF 13MM .22µm 100PKPTH13mm0.22µmPk/100155.00
PTH-1304-010SYRG FLTR HPTF 13MM .45µm 100PKPTH13mm0.45µmPk/100155.00
PTH-2502-010SYRG FLTR HPTF 25MM .22µm 100PKPTH25mm0.22µmPk/100136.00
PTHP-2502-010SYRG FLTR PRE HPF 25MM .22µm 100PKPTH25mm0.22µm175.00
PTH-2504-010SYRG FLTR HPTF 25MM .45µm 100PKPTH25mm0.45µmPk/100136.00
PTH-3002-010SYRG FLTR HPTF 30MM .22µm 100PKPTH30mm0.22µmPk/100273.00
PV-0402-010SYRG FLTR PVDF 4MM .22µm 100PKPV4mm0.22µmPk/100122.00
PV-0402-100SYRG FLTR PVDF 4MM .22µm 1000PKPV4mm0.22µmPk/1000952.00
PV-0404-010SYRG FLTR PVDF 4MM .45µm 100PKPV4mm0.45µmPk/100127.00
PV-0404-100SYRG FLTR PVDF 4MM .45µm 1000PKPV4mm0.45µmPk/1000952.00
PV-1302-010SYRG FLTR PVDF 13MM .22µm 100PKPV13mm0.22µmPk/100114.00
PV-1302-100SYRG FLTR PVDF 13MM .22µm 1000PKPV13mm0.22µmPk/1000896.00
PVP-1302-010SYRG FLTR PRE PVD 13MM .22U 100PKPV13mm0.22µmPk/100165.00
PV-1304-010SYRG FLTR PVDF 13MM .45µm 100PKPV13mm0.45µmPk/100114.00
PV-1304-100SYRG FLTR PVDF 13MM .45µm 1000PKPV13mm0.45µmPk/1000896.00
PVP-1304-010SYRG FLTR PRE PVD 13MM .45U 100PKPV13mm0.45µmPk/100165.00
PV-2502-010SYRG FLTR PVDF 25MM .22µm 100PKPV25mm0.22µmPk/100123.00
PV-2502-050SYRG FLTR PVDF 25MM .22µm 500PKPV25mm0.22µmPk/500532.00
PV-2504-010SYRG FLTR PVDF 25MM .45µm 100PKPV25mm0.45µmPk/100128.00
PV-2504-050SYRG FLTR PVDF 25MM .45µm 500PKPV25mm0.45µmPk/500532.00
PV-2550-050SYRG FLTR PVDF 25MM 5µm 500PKPV25mm500µmPk/500568.00
PV-3002-010SYRG FLTR PVDF 30MM .22µm 100PKPV30mm0.22µmPk/100127.00
PV-3002-050SYRG FLTR PVDF 30MM .22µm 500PKPV30mm0.22µmPk/500534.00
PVP-3002-010SYRG FLTR PRE PVD 30MM .22U 100PKPV30mm0.22µmPk/100174.00
PV-3004-010SYRG FLTR PVDF 30MM .45µm 100PKPV30mm0.45µmPk/100124.00
PV-3004-050SYRG FLTR PVDF 30MM .45µm 500PKPV30mm0.45µmPk/500534.00
PVH-1302-010SYRG FLTR HPVDF 13MM .22µm 100PKPVH13mm0.22µmPk/100111.00
PVH-1304-010SYRG FLTR HPVDF 13MM .45µm 100PKPVH13mm0.45µmPk/100111.00
PVH-2502-010SYRG FLTR HPVDF 25MM .22µm 100PKPVH25mm0.22µmPk/100120.00
PVH-2504-010SYRG FLTR HPVDF 25MM .45µm 100PKPVH25mm0.45µmPk/100120.00
PVH-3002-010SYRG FLTR HPVDF 30MM .22µm 100PKPVH30mm0.22µmPk/100135.00
PVH-3004-010SYRG FLTR HPVDF 30MM .45µm 100PKPVH30mm0.45µmPk/100135.00
RC-0402-010SYRG FLTR RC 4MM .22µm 100PKRC4mm0.22µmPk/100120.00
RC-0402-100SYRG FLTR RC 4MM .22µm 1000PKRC4mm0.22µmPk/1000961.00
RC-0404-010SYRG FLTR RC 4MM .45µm 100PKRC4mm0.45µmPk/100120.00
RC-0404-100SYRG FLTR RC 4MM .45µm 1000PKRC4mm0.45µmPk/1000961.00
RC-1302-010SYRG FLTR RC 13MM .22µm 100PKRC13mm0.22µmPk/100111.00
RC-1302-100SYRG FLTR RC 13MM .22µm 1000PKRC13mm0.22µmPk/1000875.00
RC-1304-010SYRG FLTR RC 13MM .45µm 100PKRC13mm0.45µmPk/100111.00
RC-1304-100SYRG FLTR RC 13MM .45µm 1000PKRC13mm0.45µmPk/1000875.00
RC-2502-010SYRG FLTR RC 25MM .22µm 100PKRC25mm0.22µmPk/100120.00
RC-2502-050SYRG FLTR RC 25MM .22µm 500PKRC25mm0.22µmPk/500521.00
RC-2504-010SYRG FLTR RC 25MM .45µm 100PKRC25mm0.45µmPk/100120.00
RC-2504-050SYRG FLTR RC 25MM .45µm 500PKRC25mm0.45µmPk/500521.00
RCP-2504-010SYRG FLTR PRE RC 25MM .45µm 100PKRC25mm0.45µmPk/100174.00
RC-3002-010SYRG FLTR RC 30MM .22µm 100PKRC30mm0.22µmPk/100135.00
RC-3002-050SYRG FLTR RC 30MM .22µm 500PKRC30mm0.22µmPk/500587.00
RC-3004-010SYRG FLTR RC 30MM .45µm 100PKRC30mm0.45µmPk/100135.00
RC-3004-050SYRG FLTR RC 30MM .45µm 500PKRC30mm0.45µmPk/500568.00
RCP-3004-010SYRG FLTR PRE RC 30MM .45µm 100PKRC30mm0.45µmPk/100174.00
CAM-4702-010MEM FLTR CA 47MM .22µm 100PKCA47mm0.22µmPk/100160.00
MCM-1302-010MEM FLTR MCE 13MM .22µm 100PKMC13mm0.22µmPk/10065.50
MCM-1304-010MEM FLTR MCE 13MM .45µm 100PKMC13mm0.45µmPk/10065.50
MCM-2502-010MEM FLTR MCE 25MM .22µm 100PKMC25mm0.22µmPk/10093.50
MCM-2504-010MEM FLTR MCE 25MM .45µm 100PKMC25mm0.45µmPk/10093.50
MCM-2506-010MEM FLTR MCE 25MM .65µm 100PKMC25mm0.65µmPk/100121.00
MCM-4702-010MEM FLTR MCE 47MM .22µm 100PKMC47mm0.22µmPk/100160.00
MCM-4704-010MEM FLTR MCE 47MM .45µm 100PKMC47mm0.45µmPk/100160.00