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Biomiga Purify DNA's, RNA's, PCR Products
Faster ProtocolsHigher YieldsLower Prices
Ethidium Bromide Safe Capture and Disposal
Faster ProtocolsHigher YieldsLower Prices
VICIDBS Pure Hydrogen & Nitrogen Generators
BioAdvantage Pro the best replacement for Vydac® TP columns
Syringe Filters for your critical analyses
Pure Hydrogen & Nitrogen Generators
SSI High Performance UPLC & HPLC Pumps & Components
The Attomole Neurochemical Detection System

Safe, Secure Capture of HPLC Waste Solvents

World Leader in Columns for Biochromatography & GPC
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Superior Reverse Phases for Peptides, Proteins and Polar Compounds
BioAdvantage Pro the best replacement for Vydac® TP columns
Thomson Instrument Company
Our 49th year serving the scientific community.

Reverse Phase Columns for Proteins, Peptides, Biomolecules
Columns for Pharmaceuticals, Amines and Other Polar Compounds

Gel Filtration, Gel Permeation, Ion Exchange, Normal & Reverse phase. NEW LOW PRICES on GFC COLUMNS

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Columns for High Throughput Screening, Combinatorial Research & Rugged General Purpose Columns