EICOM Neurotransmitter Detection

The Most Sensitive ECD Today

Exceptional Sensitivity Stability & Rapid Equilibration

It’s compact footprint and exceptional performance make it the system of choice for the most demanding research.

Eicom supports every instrument with detailed protocols they’ve developed, tested and proven.

Eicom designs instruments to be better than any other giving you . . .

Maximum performance. Unmatched ease-of-use.

HTEC-500 Neurochemical Analyzer

ECD-700 Component System

Start Small – Build Smart

A compact footprint, like the HTEC-500, with the same exceptional performance make it the ideal way to build an EC system from a low entry price to one with all the capability you need – when you need it.

The ECD-700, like the HTEC, comes with a library of tested and proven protocols.

No compromise performance. Just as easy to use.

ECD-700 Component System

Selected Applications

Dopamine & Serotonin in 5 Minutes
High sensitivity, 30fg for DA – Shown on the right.

5 femtomole sensitivity makes basal level detection possible without inhibitors

Monoamines and Metabolites
11 compounds in 15 minutes

Online analysis without derivatization

GABA peak identified experimentally

Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Serotonin in 15 minutes
No metabolites – clean chromatography

Plasma Catecholamines

Other Detectable Compounds
Phenols, Anilines, Estrogens, Opiates, Quinones, Indoles, Trocopherols, Purines, Thiols

20 Attomoles (30fg) Dopamine
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