MICROPLATE Sealing System

96 – 384 – 1536 Well Plates

New Sealing Technology for Well Plates.

Contamination from adhesives in plate seals is a common problem. These seals have virtually eliminated contamination.

TWO Sealing Films.

ONE is designed for use with autosamplers and is easily pierced. Available for 96, 384 & 1536 well plates.
Does not clog autosampler needles.
Embossed surface for easy piercing.

ONE is designed for use with pipettes.
They are pre-slit for easy access to the sample and re-close when the pipette is removed. Available for 96 well plates.

NEITHER has adhesive over the well spots.

BOTH are compatible with organic solvents including: MeOH, AcCN & DMSO.

Pre-Slit for Pipettes
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