Guidelines for Shodex Column Selection : Drugs, Metabolites and Chiral Compounds

(Drugs and metabolites)
For the analysis of drugs and metabolites, reversed phase mode, ion exchange mode and multimode can be used. For such analysis, polymer-based columns such as the Asahipak ODP, RSpak DE, DS and RP18 series are well- suited because they can be used even with a strong alkaline eluent. For the analysis of basic drugs such as small amines, the above polymer- based columns are especially suited because these columns can be used with an eluent of pH10-11. At such conditions, they has almost the same result as analysis with an ion pair reagent yet avoids the problems caused by the use of the latter.

(Chiral Compounds)
Shodex columns are available in three modes for chiral separation. ORpak CD-HQ columns are packed with polymer-based gel bonded with cyclodextrin derivatives as ligands. The separation mode is based on the difference in the degree of inclusion of the samples into the cyclic structure of the ligand. Therefore, these columns can be used for the separation of position and geometrical isomers as well as optical ones. The ORpak CRX-894 column is packed with a polymer-based gel to which L-amino acid derivative is bonded. The AFpak ABA-894, an affinity column packed with polymer-based gel to which bovine serum albumin (BSA) is bonded as the ligand. Both columns are suitable for chiral separation of amino acids.

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