Adenine Nucleotides in Red Blood Cell

With Asahipak GS-320 HQ (a multimode column), proteins and nucleic acid components of high molecular weights are separated by the GFC mode, they elute all together at the Vo position. One of the advantages of GS-320 HQ is, for samples consisting of low molecular weight compounds coexisting with those of high molecular weight, that the low molecular weight compounds can be analyzed directly without removing high molecular weight compounds such as proteins.

Sample : 20micro-L
1. Hemoglobin 0.85%
2. ATP 10μg/mL
3. ADP 10μg/mL
4. AMP 10μg/mL

Column       : Shodex Asahipak GS-320 HQ (7.5mmID*300mm)
Eluent       : 50mM NaH2PO4 + 50mM Na2HPO4 + 300mM NaCl 
Flow rate    : 1.0mL/min
Detector     : UV(260nm)
Column temp. : 30deg-C