Amino Acids (3) (P-421S)

Amino acid standards are analyzed using CXpak P-421S. The column pressure is low (3MPa under 0.5mL/min and 63deg-C), because of the 6micro-m of gel is packed into this column. We show the chromatogram of standard amino acids under ninhydrine reaction. 17 kinds of amino acids are separated by baseline. The total time for analysis is within 50 minutes till the last peak of arginine.

Sample :
1. Aspartic acid, Asp, 2. Threonine, Thr
3. Serine, Ser, 4. Glutamic acid, Glu
5. Proline, Pro, 6. Glycine, Gly
7. Alanine, Ala, 8. Cysteine, Cys
9. Valine, Val, 10. Methionine, Met
11. Isoleucine, Ile, 12. Leucine, Leu
13. Tyrosine, Tyr, 14. Phenylalanine, Phe
15. Lysine, Lys, 16. NH3
17. Histidine, His, 18. Arginine, Arg

Column       : Shodex CXpak P-421S (4.6mmID*150mm)
Eluent       : No.1; 0.12M Sodium citrate buffer(pH3.3)
               No.2; 0.13M Sodium citrate buffer(pH3.2)
               No.3; 0.11M Sodium citrate buffer(pH4.0)
               No.4; 1.02M Sodium citrate buffer(pH4.9)
               No.5; 0.2M NaOH + 10% C2H5OH (Rinse solution)
               Low pressure gradient: 
               0min; No.1, 1.2min; No.2, 10.0min; No.3, 21.2min; No.4, 40.0min; No.5
Flow rate    : 0.5mL/min
Detector     : VIS(570nm) (Ninhydrine reaction; 0.35mL/min, 120deg-C)
Column Temp. : 63deg-C