Comparison of Separation of GS-320 HQ with Semi-micro Columns

In the analysis of purine base and pyrimidine base with the conventional typed LC systems having injector, detector and tubes designed for the down sized analysis, conventional typed column GS-320 HQ was compared with its semi micro typed columns. Even if semi-micro columns, GS-320A series, are used for the analysis, the performance of the separation is not decreased. High-sensitivity analysis is carried out with your LC system and parts for down sized chromatography.

Sample : 5ppm each, 100nL
1. Cytosine
2. Uracil
3. Thymine
4. Adenine

Columns  : Shodex GS320A-1E (1.0mmID*250mm)
           Shodex GS320A-2E (2.0mmID*250mm)
           Shodex Asahipak GS-320 HQ (7.5mmID*300mm)
Eluent   : 10mM HCOONH4 buffer(pH4.0)
Detector : UV(260nm) cell volume; 3micro-L, optical path length; 7mm
Tubing   : 0.1mmID PEEK tube
Injector : Rheodyne 8125