Effect of Sample Load on Peak Width (PH-814)

Effect of Sample load on peak width was measued using HIC PH-814 ( a hydrophobic interaction column ). A sample load of 0.4mg does not widen the peak. Even when injecting a higher load of 1mg sample, the peak only widens 1.3 times.

Sample :
1. alpha Chymotrypsinogen
2. Ribonuclease
3. Myoglobin

Column    : Shodex HIC PH-814 (8.0mmID*75mm)

Eluent    : (A); (B) + 1.8M Ammonium sulfate

            (B); 0.1M Phosphate buffer(pH7.0)

            Linear gradient: 0min to 60min, (A) to (B)

Flow rate : 1.0mL/min