Eluent Conditions for Asahipak GF, GS HQ series

As the eluent for Asahipak GS-HQ series and GF-HQ series, either organic solvent or aqueous solution can be used.

Organic solvents: Please refer to Multimode Columns and Aqueous/Organic SEC Columns.

Aqueous solutions: Please refer to the followings:

1. Strong electrolytic salts
Total salts concentration should be 0.5 M or less. Aqueous solutions of NaCl, KCl, Na2SO4, K2SO4, (NH4)2SO4 and other such salts may be used as eluents. Phosphoric acid, acetic acid, citric acid, boric acid, and tris-HCI buffer solutions may also be used, either independently or in combination with these salts.

2. Aqueous uric acid and guanidine hydrochloride
These solutions are widely used as protein denaturalization agents. As their concentration is generally high, it is recommended that they be used in columns set aside exclusively for this purpose, as their frequent interchange with eluents of lower concentration would tend to shorten the column service life.

3. Use of surfactants
Aqueous solutions containing SDS, Brij-35 or other surfactants can also be used as eluents. The eluent interchange time following the use of such an eluent will generally be longer than for ordinary eluents. Approx. 50% methanol may be used to shorten the replacement time.

4. Solutions with high salt content
After passage of a high-concentration salt solution, its removal from the flow lines by flushing with water is sometimes necessary to prevent salt precipitation at the pump and the injector. In such cases, column life is best preserved by first removing the column, before flushing the LC system flow lines.