Feature of High Temperature Analysis (2) (Suitable Flow Rate)

ET-RP1 4D is polymer base column for high temperature analysis. Figure shows relation between analysis temperature and flow rate. At higher temperature reduced plate height decreased. Suitable flow rate, flow rate at the best plate number, increased at higher temperature. ET-RP1 4D is good column for fast analysis and high resolution with high temperature analysis.

Sample : Benzene
* Acetonitrile volume was adjusted with keeping k’ of Benzene (3.1).
* Eluent was introduced to column after preheating and introduced to detector after cooling.

Column : Shodex ET-RP1 4D (4.6mmID*150mm)
*Column oven : Polaratherm 9000 Series (SandraSelerity Technologies, Inc)

Coutesy of Research Institude for Chromatography bvba