High Sensitive Analysis of Metal Bonded Amino Acids

High sensitive analysis of metal bonded amino acids was performed using GS320A-M8E (0.8mmID x 250mm) and ICP-MS. GS320A-M8E is a micro-column of Asahipak GS-320 HQ. Using the micro column, It is possible to reduce the injection volume and eluent to 1/200 and 1/100 compared with the case where a conventional column is used, respectively.

Sample :
MeSeCys (Methylselenocysteine)
SeMet (Selenomethionine)

            (Left)                                          (Right) 
LC        : capillary HPLC                                  normal HPLC
            (Tubing: 0.03mmID fused-silica capillary tube)  (Tubing: 0.25mmID PEEK tube)
Columns   : Shodex GS320A-M8E (0.8mmID*250mm)               Shodex Asahipak GS-320 HQ (7.5mmID*300mm)
Eluent    : 50mM Ammonium acetate(pH6.5)                    50mM Ammonium acetate(pH6.5)
Flow rate : 5.5micro-L/min                                  500micro-L/min
Detector  : ICP-MS Se at m/z=82                             ICP-MS Se at m/z=82

Courtesy of Dr. Yasumitsu Ogra, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University