N-(3,5Dinitrobenzoyl)-DL-Phenyl Glycine

Alubumin works as a trnsport protein in blood and can distinguish optical isomers. The ligand of AFpak ABA-894 (an affinity column) is BSA(bovine serum albumin). The column was used to separate optical isomers(D and L) of N-(3,5dinitrobenzoyl)-DL-phenyl glycine.

Sample : N-(3,5dinitrobenzoyl)-DL-phenyl glycine

Column       : Shodex AFpak ABA-894 (8.0mmID*50mm)
Eluent       : 0.02M Tris-HCl buffer(pH 7.0) + 0.1M NaCl 
Flow rate    : 0.5mL/min
Detector     : UV(254nm)
Column temp. : Room temp.