Papain was analyzed using IEC SP-825 (a column for strong cation exchange chromatography). Papain is a polypeptide chain of MW 23,406 and pI 8.75. It is very stable protelytic enzyme. It is used as the reagent for the study of structure of proteins and also for industrial use.

Sample : Papain

Column       : Shodex IEC SP-825 (8.0mmID*75mm)
Eluent       : (A); 20mM Sodium phosphate buffer(pH7.0)
               (B); (A) + 0.5M NaCl
               Linear gradient: 0min to 60min, (A) to (B)
Flow rate    : 1.0mL/min
Detector     : UV(280nm)
Column temp. : 25deg-C