Recovery of Proteins and Enzyme Activity (PH-814)

Recovery of proteins and enzyme activity were measured using HIC PH-814 ( a hydrophobic interaction column ). With the exception of myoglobin, which had a recovery of 93%, all proteins show good recovery values. Enzyme activity for all proteins remained high, except for catalase which had a value of 88% and hexokinase which had a value of 94%.

Recovery of proteins
Protein Recovery(%)
Cytochrome c 104
Myoglobin 93
Ribonuclease A 100
Ovalbumin 103
Lysozyme 100
alpha Chymotrypsin 99
alpha Chymotrypsinogen A 96
Recovery of
enzyme activity
Enzyme Recovery(%)
Trypsin 96
Hexokinase 94
Catalase 88
Lysozyme 100
Lipoxidase 100

Sample load : 0.5mg each

Column : Shodex HIC PH-814