Recovery of Proteins and Enzyme Activity (SP-825)

The tables show good recovery of IEC SP-825 (a column for strong cation exchange chromatography) for proteins and enzyme activity.

Recovery of proteins
Protein Recovery (%)
Trypsinogen 93
alpha-Chymotrypsinogen A 99
alpha-Chymotrypsin 106
Myoglobin 96
Lysozyme 96
Ribonuclease A 99
Cytochrome c 100
gamma-Globulin 100
Recovery of enzyme activity
Enzyme Recovery (%)
Trypsin 90
alpha-Chymotrypsin 102

Sample load : 0.5mg each

Column : Shodex IEC SP-825 (8.0mmID*75mm)
Eluent : (A); 20mM Sodium phosphate buffer(pH6.0)
         (B); (A) + 0.5M NaCl
         Linear gradient: 0min to 1min, (A) to (B)