The study of Flow Rate ; GS-320 Series Columns

The figure shows the effect of the flow rate to the separation for the analysis of uracil using GS-320 series columns.

(Recommended flow rate)

Product name
ID x L
Flow rate

1.0 x 250

3 to 10micro-L/min
2.0 x 250
30 to 50micro-L/min
GS-320 HQ
7.5 x 300
0.4 to 1.0mL/min

Sample : 10ppm Uracil
0.2micro-L (GS320A-1E)
1.0micro-L (GS320A-2E)
20micro-L (GS-320 HQ)

Columns  : Shodex GS320A-1E (1.0mmID*250mm)
           Shodex GS320A-2E (2.0mmID*250mm)
           Shodex Asahipak GS-320 HQ (7.5mmID*300mm)
Eluent   : 10mM HCOONH4 buffer(pH4.0)
Detector : UV(260nm) cell volume; 3micro-L, optical path length; 7mm
Tubing   : 0.1mmID PEEK tube
Injector : Rheodyne 8125