Transition Metal Ions (3) (YS-50)

With 6mM Tartaric asid and 4mM oxalic asid aqueous solution as the eluent, transision metals, such as nickel, zinc, and cobalt can be analyzed using IC YS-50.

Sample : 20micro-L
1. Zn2+ 10mg/L
2. Co2+ 10mg/L
3. Fe2+ 10mg/L
4. Mn2+ 10mg/L
5. Cd2+ 10mg/L
6. Pb2+ 30mg/L

Column       : Shodex IC YS-50 (4.6mmID*125mm) 
Eluent       : 6mM Tartaric acid + 4mM Oxalic acid aq.
Flow rate    : 1.0mL/min
Detector     : Non-suppressed conductivity
Column temp. : 40deg-C