Tryptic Digest of Human IgG

When a tryptic digest of human lgG was analyzed using PROTEIN KW-803 and KW-802.5 (columns for Aqueous SEC (GFC)) with a UV detector (230nm) as well as with an optical rotation detector (ORD). The ORD shows a negative peak and it gives the information that human lgG is levorotatory.

Sample : Triptic digest of human IgG

Columns      : Shodex PROTEIN KW-803 + KW-802.5 (8.0mmID*300mm each)
Eluent       : 0.05M Tris-HCl buffer(pH7.6) + 0.15M NaCl + 0.3mM CaCl2
Flow rate    : 0.5mL/min
Detector     : UV(230nm), ORD
Column temp. : Room temp.