THOMSON BIOAdvantage™ Basic

BioAdvantage Basic for Polar Molecules

BioAdvantage Basic high efficiency columns give excellent peak shapes without modifiers.

Polar molecules are a problem for most silica based columns. Their polar surface interacts with the solute, sometimes proving critical to the separation, but in the case of polar amines, often causing them to tail badly.

This can be overcome with ionic modifiers such as buffers and TFA which either “tie” up the solute to prevent this interaction or shield the residual silanols from the solute.

BioAdvantage Basic eliminates the need for these modifiers. It’s illustrated by the chromatograms below without mobile phase “helpers” compared to very popular columns attempting the same thing.

Column: BioAdvantage Basic C18, 5µm, 4.6 x 100mm
Mobile Phase: 40% AcCN/Water, 1ml/min, 254nm.
No buffers or modifiers
Peak Identities: 1. Uracil 2. Pyridine 3. Phenol

BioAdvantage Basic & The Competition

Change Elution Order by Changing Modifiers

The chromatograms below illustrate the power of changing modifies to effect changes in elution order. BioAdvantage Basic, C18, 5µm, 1.0 x 50mm. Elution with 0.1% acetic acid versus Elution with 0.1% TFA.

Angiotesin I/Met-Enkephlin/Met-Leu-Phe
Met-Enkephlin/Met-Leu-Phe/Angiotesin I
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