Characteristics and Application of Reversed Phase, Hydrophilic Interaction
and Normal Phase Chromatography Columns

Sample preparation for Normal and Reversed Phase Chromatography

Guidelines for Shodex Column Selection : Proteins, Peptides and Amino Acids

Guidelines for Shodex Column Selection : Drugs, Metabolites and Chiral Compounds

Eluent Conditions for Asahipak (ODP, C8P, C4P, NH2P)

Polymer-based Columns Reversed Phase Chromatography (Asahipak)

Comparison of Polymer-based Column with Silica-based Column

Proteins and Peptides

Recovery of Peptides

Basic Peptides

Effect of Eluent pH (ODP)

Analysis of Oligopeptides with Acidic and Alkaline Eluent

Comparison of Sample Retention Using ODP, C8P and C4P Columns

Oligopeptides (1)

Oligopeptides (2)


Opioid Peptides (1) (By Post-column Reaction Method)

Opioid Peptides (2) (By Pre-column Reaction Method)

Tryptic Digest of Myoglobin (2) (ODP-50)

Histidine and 1-Methylhistidine

Short-Chain Amylose (2)

Basic Drugs : Under Neutral Condition

Basic Drugs : Effect of Eluent pH

Basic Drugs : Effect of Ion Concentration

Antipyretic Analgesics

Diuretics (1)

Anti Cancer Drugs


Anti Inflammatory Drugs (1)

Anti Inflammatory Drugs (2)

Analysis of Short Amines without Using Ion Pair Reagent

Scopolamine and Atropine


Effect of pH of Eluent on Elution Volume and Plate Number (ODP)

Procaine and Procaineamide

Local Anesthetics (1)

Cinchona Alkaloids

Antibiotics (1)


Effect of pH of Eluent on Sensitivity of Barbital

Berberine in Japanese Goldthread

Glycyrrhizin in Licorice



Procainamide in Serum

Polyamine and Acetylated Derivatives

Analysis of Polyamines by On-Column Derivertization

Analysis of Histamine by On-Column Derivertization

Vitamin B6 (1)

Fat-Soluble Vitamins (1) (ODP-50 4E)

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Catecholamines and Metabolites (1) (ODP-50 6D)

LTs (Leukotrienes)

LTs Produced by Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte of Rat

HEETs (Hydroxyeicosatetrsenoic Acids)

HEETs Produced by Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte of Rat

Aliphatic Alcohols (3) (ODP, C8P, C4P)


Durability of ODP Column with Alkaline Eluent

5-(Hydroxymethyl)Furfural in Fruit Juice

Food Yellow No.4 (Tartazine)

Analysis of Caffeine in BSA

Analysis of Glutathiones (By Post-column Reaction Method)

Tetracycline Derivative Antibiotics

Chelating Compounds (ODP-40)

Advantage of ODP2 HP (1) High Theoretical Plate Number

Macrolide Antibiotics and Derivatives (ODP-40 4E)

DNPH Derivative Aldehydes (ODP-50 4D)

Ethoxyquin (ODP-50 4E)