DE-613, 413, 413L, 213(RSpak)

Polymer-based Columns for Reversed Phase Chromatography (RSpak)

Characteristics and Application of Reversed Phase, Hydrophilic Interaction
and Normal Phase Chromatography Columns

Sample preparation for Normal and Reversed Phase Chromatography

Guidelines for Shodex Column Selection : Proteins, Peptides and Amino Acids

Guidelines for Shodex Column Selection : Drugs, Metabolites and Chiral Compounds

Eluent Conditions for RSpak D-series

Features of RSpak DE Series (1) (Comparison with ODS Column)

Features of RSpak DE Series (2) (Adsorption of Metal Coordination Compound)

Features of RSpak DE Series (3) (Effect of Eluent pH on Analysis Result)

Features of RSpak DE Series (4) (Reproducibility between Production Lots)

Features of RSpak DE Series (5) (Selection of HPLC System)

Features of RSpak DE Series (6) (Effect of Flow Rate on Column Efficiency)

Features of RSpak DE Series (7) (Effect of Sample Load on Column Efficiency)


Purine Bases, Pyrimidine Bases and Nucleosides (1) (DE-613)

Purine Bases and Pyrimidine Bases (4) (DE-413)

Guanine and Tryptophan

Effect of Reversed Phase Column on Elution Volume

Citric Acid in Phosphoric Acid

Gluconic Acids

Elution Volume of Organic Acids (DE-413)

Organic Acid Standards (4)

Organic Acid Standards (5)

Di-carboxylic Acids

Lactic acid and Acrylic acid

Organic Acids in Phosphoric Acid

Methylxantines (2)

Diuretics (2)

Kojic Acid

Procainamides (1)

Procainamides (2)

Local Anesthetics (2)

Antibiotics (2)


Hippuric Acid etc. in Urine (2)

Water-Soluble Vitamins (1)

Food Containing Vitamins

Nutrient Beverage

Catecholamines (1) (DE-613)

Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Standards (6) (DE-613)

Choline and Acetylcholine

Agricultural Chemicals (1)

Analysis of Agricultural Chemicals by LC/MS

Bisphenol A

Aliphatic Alcohols (2) (DE-613)


Aromatic Alcohols

Fatty Acids (3) (DE-413)

Ketones (2) (DE-413)

Preservatives (2)


Phenols (2)


Preservatives (4) (DE-413)


Alkylbenzenes (4) (DE-413)

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Amides (2) (Comparison of Reversed Phase Columns)

Amides (3) (DE-413)

Amides (4) (DE-413)

Amides (5) (DE-413)


Furfural and Guaiacol

Analysis of Choline and Acetylcholine

Analysis of Diarrheic Shellfish Poison and Lipid Soluble Shellfish Poison

Insecticides (Neonicotinoids) Analysis (DE-413)